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  Hector and Rebeca Tamez

Hector Tamez II and his wife Rebeca Tamez are the founders of International Leadership Advancement Ministries (ILAM) as well as ECO Internacional (Enlace de Comunicación Oravisual).


The Tamez’s have been serving in ministry for over 20 years and have a passionate heart for seeing spiritual movements started in all remaining UUPG’s (Unreached, Unengaged People Groups) throughout Latin America and the world. Because of their digital media production background and experience, since 1996, they have focused their ministry efforts on the production of media resources for International ministries such as The Jesus Film Project, Purpose Driven, ALPHA, ION (International Orality Network), FTT (Finishing the Task) and many others in 19 languages.

In the year 2000, Hector and Rebeca began to specifically target traditional oral preference learners, who make up nearly 70% of the world’s population, with missionary efforts.

Through digital media resources as well as online and live seminars and conferences, Hector and Rebeca are seeking to mobilize the church to reach UUPG’s with the gospel and see those reached and equipped for effective ministry in their own language, dialect and culture.

Hector, Rebeca and their three daughters Yonane, Athalie and Azrielle currently reside in Puebla, Mexico.




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Recurring Payment Options